Product Returns

Cosmowood assures you of the quality of the products sold through its pages. All products are transported under the responsibility of the buyer. Our company does not undertake to replace the product due to damage or destruction caused during transportation.

Ability to withdraw
Based on our company policy, you may request a withdrawal (writen or by telephone) from a purchase you made to conduct your business activity within 10 calendar days by returning the product you wish.

The withdrawal capability applies if:
1. the product is in its original state
2. is accompanied by the relevant Bulletin
3. refunds will be made by your own means and costs within 10 calendar days of the day of the withdrawal request (either you return it or send it to a carrier).

When your request is approved, we will refund to you in full the price you paid for this purchase in the form of a credit balance for future purchases.

The right of withdrawal can be applied within 10 calendar days of receipt of the product so that it can be considered as time-consuming and does not require any additional justification from you.

Status of returned product
In the case of a valid and timely withdrawal request, a return condition requires the product to be in its original condition and its packaging undamaged.
In case the product has lost its value due to misconduct, which goes beyond simply looking at the functionality and characteristics of the product, you will have to reimburse it for a reduction in value.
In this case, the amount of money will be deducted from the amount credited to you.
In any case, you will be notified before the credit process is completed.

Culpability of the seller
In cases where, with proven fault of our company, the product or product of poor and defective quality (error in ordering, invoicing, shipping etc.) was sold incorrectly, you have the option of withdrawing, returning the product and the additional right request repair or replacement of the product if this is feasible. In case that it is not possible to repair or replace a product again, the price you paid for that purchase in the form of a credit balance for future purchases is refunded again.

To avoid your own inconvenience, we advise you to carefully check - at the time of delivery of your order - the status of the products sold and the intact packaging in order to detect any obvious defects (eg defective merchandise, wrong type etc ).

In the above cases, the customer has the choice to
1. deny the receipt of the product from the start
2. or, after receiving, return the product within 10 days of the date indicated on the sales receipt.

If the product is not returned within 10 calendar days then our company may refuse to accept any refund or replacement.



Order cancellation

The customer reserves the right to cancel his order. In this case, you should contact the relevant department of our company to indicate your wish to cancel your order.

We suggest you to do this within 24 hours, before your order is executed.

In the case of canceling a pre-packaged order, there may be costs of opening and reloading the order's products.

A 10-day completed order is automatically canceled. 
This is not true if  
* the order has been repaid while the customer has not received it for some reason
* as long as the customer has informed him that he wishes to extend the time of receipt of his order, up to a maximum of 10 days.